Welcome to Jotto

You have reached the homepage of Jotto. Jotto is a word puzzle game, where each player tries to guess an opponent's secret word. You can currently play solitaire or against the computer, and we are planning to add network support soon. It is primarily developed on Linux, although it has been tested on Windows and should work on any platform that supports pygtk.

Jotto is published as free software under the GNU General Public License, which means that in addition to playing Jotto for free, you are allowed to modify it, learn from it, and redistribute it (as long as you don't try to take these rights from others). We're distributing Jotto this way to say thanks for all of the free software that we have used, modified and learned from while making it.

Jotto News

March 7, 2003 — Subversion is back

After a bit of a hiatus from working on Jotto, I found that our subversion host,, is no longer hosting us. Luckily, sourceforge has started offering subversion services, so I have migrated the repository there. See our sourceforge subversion page for more information.

December 1, 2005 — Jotto in foresight linux

I have just learned that Jotto is included in Foresight Linux. Cool!

August 3, 2005 — Jotto 0.0 released

This is the first public release of Jotto. It features a clever AI and an (I hope!) smooth user interface.

August 3, 2005 — Website redesign

I've just updated the website's look a bit in anticipation for the imminent release. This bit of news is mostly here as a placeholder.

Jotto Screenshots

Jotto screenshot

Downloading and Installing Jotto


Before you install Jotto, you will need the following:

Downloading Jotto From Source Control

The Jotto source code is stored in Subversion. If you want the latest bleeding edge version, then you must do the following:

  1. Get subversion from your linux distribution or
  2. Run the following to checkout Jotto into the "jotto" directory:
    svn co jotto
  3. Run the following to set up the configure scripts (you will need recent versions of autoconf and automake for this step):
  4. Follow the instructions for installing and running Jotto

If you just want to browse the latest source code, you can navigate to

Installing and Running Jotto

The first step is to unpack the distribution. On UNIX:

tar -xzf jotto-x.x.tar.gz
cd jotto-x.x

and using Winzip on Windows

On UNIX You can run jotto by typing ./jotto from the source directory. Alternatively, you can install it by typing

make install

and then run it anywhere by typing jotto

Jotto does not currently have a Windows installer. To run Jotto on windows, you need to run the jotto file from the source directory with the Python interpreter. This easiest way to do this is probably to rename it to and then double click on it.


Jotto was written by Michael George with help from Valerie George and Anna Varlese.

In addition, we would like to thank: